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Lesley Logan Leading Pilates Retreats!

Why I love a Pilates Retreat

As a Pilates instructor, I practice Pilates at least three, mostly four times a week. I practice what I teach! I want my clients doing Pilates with me or at home a few times a week and maybe a few... Read more

Issues from the Gut: Results are In

The results are in!!! *Before you continue to read if you did not read #1 “Breaking Point” and #2 “Attempts to figure it all out” please take a minute so you’re up to... Read more

Issues from the Gut: My Breaking Point

Hello, my name is Lesley, I often go by LL. I am a wife to a lovely man who rocks my world and supports me like crazy, mom to two Pitt Bulls Gaia and Bayon, a Pilates instructor, Pilates business... Read more

Ojai Pilates Retreat

Escape to a Pilates Retreat in Ojai

Retreats! They are not just for Yogi’s anymore. One of my dreams and goals is to teach Pilates all over the world. This year I have been making that magic happen. I have a Pilates retreat in... Read more