Pilates: No Pain, No Gain?

The first time I did Pilates I was feeling the “burn” in places I had never felt before! Every single exercise was waking up muscles and challenging my stamina and strength. I thought, no way am I going to be able to move tomorrow! I knew sore muscles were headed my way.

Tips for Short Box on the Reformer

There are A LOT of moving pieces in the Short Box series. And, I could have talked for HOURS about this whole series and still missed some key tips. The Short Box Series on the Reformer is integral to all of your Pilates exercises. I mean, it literally has every single spine shape that we create in one package.

What Siem Reap Pilates Retreaters Can Do in Their Spare Time

I chose Siem Reap Cambodia as one of my regular retreat havens because of its charm, Temples, and magic. It’s a place on almost everyone’s bucket list but it’s so far away that many people never get to see it. So, by curating a Pilates vacation many people have an excuse to travel halfway around the world and don’t have to plan much but their flights. And, while the week-long schedule is full there is plenty of spare time for you to choose your own adventure. 

Best Online Pilates Classes: I’m Here for You!

One of the things I struggle with is not making the time to do my Pilates workouts but having the time before and after the class. I’ve got the hour to do my Pilates practice. But, somedays the time to get to class, find a parking spot and then the time after to change and get where I am going is simply a luxury. 

Fly like and Eagle or a Swan!

As I mentioned last week Andrea Maida and I have a couple more weeks of Swans for you and your Pilates practice. This week we are getting low. We are hopping off the top of the Wunda chair and moving ourselves to the floor.

Wunda-ful Swans! More Swan Tips

Swan, an exercise in Pilates that doesn’t stick to one piece of equipment. It’s the first extension exercise we meet on the mat, it prepares us for Pulling Straps and more on the reformer. It’ takes great flight on the barrels and on the Wunda chair, it knows no ends!