Pilates Class: What to Wear!

When my friend invited me to my very first Pilates class the first thing I asked was “What do I wear?” I mean, I probably should have asked: “what is Pilates?” Or, “why am I doing this?” But, as a competitive runner, I knew what to wear for cardio, I knew what to wear to the gym to lift weights. But, I honestly had no idea what to wear to Pilates. I mean, I hadn’t even been to a Yoga class at this point! So, after my friend laughed out loud at me she sweetly smiled and said: “whatever you would wear to yoga class silly!”

5 Steps to Setting Your Personal Pilates Goals


You’ve got goals! You have fitness goals that maybe you set a new years resolution or maybe an event is coming up and you just want to look or feel a certain way. Or, maybe you just want to start taking time for yourself. Perhaps you want to start putting your overall health first! All of these reasons are good and valid. And, your Pilates instructor while not a magician is someone you can articulate how you want to look and feel. The beauty of finding a Pilates instructor that is right for you is that they become your partner in crime. They become accountability and help you reach your personal health goals.

Pilates Rolling Like a Ball with a little Magic!

After three weeks of rolling around, I couldn’t stop thinking about rolling exercises. So, as Andrea Maida and I leave three weeks of rolling exercises for three weeks of Magic Circle I had to show off my three favorite ways to add Magic to the Pilates mat exercise Rolling Like a Ball. 

Pilates: Is It a Cardio Workout?

So, here is the deal, I do feel my heart rate go up while doing Pilates. I also feel it go down and then up again. Some sessions are less intense and others can be made more intense and you can add the jump board in and totally move the dial on your heart rate. But, is Pilates a Cardio workout? Well, most of the time I would say no. And, maybe sometimes yes.

Pilates Rolling Like a Ball, Teaser and Jackknife

As we complete our three-week tour of rolling around in the Pilates studio with Andrea Maida I was inspired to share my love for combining a few exercises to challenge your Pilates practice. This week, I combined Rolling Like a Ball, Teaser and Jackknife! 

Comparing Pilates and Yoga

It should come as no surprise that I am an absolute LOVER of Pilates! But not everyone knows how much I enjoy my Yoga practice as well. However, as a teacher of one and a practitioner, the debate about Pilates vs Yoga is tired and most articles you’ll find on the internet are misleading.

Sure, there are some similarities and some of the benefits of Pilates and Yoga are similar. And, I’m not gonna lie I do find myself channeling Pilates in my Yoga class. But not because the exercise is similar to Pilates. I channel my Pilates in Yoga because the strength and connection of Pilates benefit my Yoga.

Rolling Around on the Pilates Cadillac

The Pilates Cadillac is extremely useful to for diving deep into your Pilates practice. It’s one of the most supportive pieces of equipment. The options are endless and all are meant to help strengthen you and prepare you for the Pilates exercises around the room.

Pilates: No Pain, No Gain?

The first time I did Pilates I was feeling the “burn” in places I had never felt before! Every single exercise was waking up muscles and challenging my stamina and strength. I thought, no way am I going to be able to move tomorrow! I knew sore muscles were headed my way.