Pilates Day Retreats Jeni DelPoza Lesley Logan

One ‘Day Retreat’ Pass – October 15, 2016


Join Jeni DelPozo and Lesley Logan on October 15th at Speir Pilates for a 50-min Workout and a 2-hour Workshop.

Jeni and Lesley are thrilled to announce that they’ve teamed up to bring you exactly what you’ve been craving. A 3-hour program that will rock your socks, work your muscles and give you the tools to take your Pilates practice to another level.

During your 50-minute Workout session, let Jeni and Lesley take you through an intense Pilates session utilizing the jump board. Here’s a chance to dive into the extra intense cardio piece of your workout with the jump board; learn some new moves and understand what the jump board is all about.

Jeni and Lesley will go over the history of the jump board, exercise fundamentals and go through the exercises you don’t always get to try. You’ll learn what your instructors look for while teaching you. You’ll get the “why” behind each of the exercises and learn how to get more out of your Pilates practice. With Summer behind us, it’s time to get serious. The knowledge you gain at our Workshop can be stored in your tool belt and will allow you to do Pilates anywhere. Best of all, you’ll know that you’re getting all you can out of it.

Space is limited in both workouts. There will be one workout before the workshop and one workout after giving you the choice of what time works best for you.

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