How This Time Can Be For You

Back in 2008 when the country and most of the world was feeling the recession I became a Pilates instructor. I got so busy I had to quit my “real” job.  In 2013 I found myself homeless, carless and studio-less and that loss cleared the way for the life and business I have today. Currently your life, routine, work and everything in between have likely flipped on its head. So, how can this time be for you?

How Do You Know It’s Bad?

Crazy times is the understatement of the year. Living life in this “new normal” somehow is starting to feel more normal. And, honestly, I find I am truly enjoying my new routines. Especially when I don’t listen to the news. Not that I am not staying informed. But, tbh, this time can be one that causes us to live in fear, and wait, hunker down and let time pass. Or, it can be a time we thrive. And, it’s all in how you look at it. Because, if you look back at your life there have been times where “bad things” have happened. Or, at least things that you felt were bad. And while this virus is more than “bad.” It is downright scary. How do we know this disruption in our daily lives is “bad?”

How to WFH and Make the Most of It

Working From Home, WFH, and not excited about it? Or, maybe you were and then you got to day three, five and it’s looking like it might be more indefinite than you think? Couple that with the fact that the store’s shelves are bare, you’re not supposed to be in them anyways. And, if you’re in a city like mine your favorite workout spaces, restaurants and bars are closed. WFH is starting to sound like the loneliest chapter in many lives. So, what can you do to make the most of it?

5 Tips on Putting Yourself First Guilt Free

Running your business, life, and family can seem like all you have time for. But you know that you want to feel better, have more energy and feel like you’re more in control of all the things. It’s so easy to let everything else take up your time. But, you really are the most important thing. And, it’s super easy to lose sight of that when you’re “in it.” But, here are my best tips for putting yourself first and not feeling guilty about it.

Never Have Jet Lag Again

Tired of being tired after you fly? Travel is one of the greatest things you can do in your life! Experiencing other cultures, seeing sites hundreds and thousands of years old is worth all the miles. But, getting to where you’ve been dreaming of and feeling jet lag is the worst. And, for some means not traveling somewhere because there isn’t “enough” time to get used to the time zone or you’ll have jet lag when you get home. What if you didn’t have to deal with Jet lag at all? Where would you go?

8 Tips to Travel Lighter Even if its International

8 Tips to Travel Lighter Even if its International

What do you pack when you’re going to be gone for two weeks, two different countries, and you hate “checking” a bag? So glad you asked. This is one of my favorite things to talk about! I’ve never loved checking and Brad and I have been doing carryon since we both can remember. One time we were gone for 15 days, 3 countries, 2 different weather systems and 9 flights. We still carried on! And we didn’t take space up for others, here are some tips for you to try this out before the holiday travels start.

How Pilates Classes are Turning Goals Into Realities

Pilates does more than make you stand taller, look better, feel stronger and more balanced. It also can bring communities together. And one of my biggest goals in life has been to bring more Pilates lovers together. Especially during a time when people feel like they are busier than ever and less connected to others. Here’s where Pop Up Classes create connection, adventure and it’s all because of Pilates.

What to Bring for an Outdoor Pilates Class

Mat Pilates outside! What could be better? It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to do a workout outside that not a run, walk, hike, Paddleboard etc. Most people do Pilates indoors. But, what I found is that there is something pretty magical about doing Pilates outside that you cannot get from an indoor class. However, if you’re not prepared, doing Pilates outside can be quite the chore.