Best Online Pilates Classes: I’m Here for You!

One of the things I struggle with is not making the time to do my Pilates workouts but having the time before and after the class. I’ve got the hour to do my Pilates practice. But, somedays the time to get to class, find a parking spot and then the time after to change and get where I am going is simply a luxury. 

Fly like and Eagle or a Swan!

As I mentioned last week Andrea Maida and I have a couple more weeks of Swans for you and your Pilates practice. This week we are getting low. We are hopping off the top of the Wunda chair and moving ourselves to the floor.

3/27 Online Pilates Mat Class: March Matness Boomerang Your Mat

The Boomerang! Not just any mat exercise. But, almost every mat exercise!

I used to just say Boomerang was a rolling Teaser. But, as I made this class the truth is it’s more than that. It’s the rollover, it’s the seal, it’s the double leg kick arms, it’s inner thighs of spine twist and so many more.

Boomerang is often skipped in a mat class because it has so many moving parts, so this week’s class gives it the spotlight it truly deserves… Have fun thinking about the Boomerang for a full 30 min!

See you on your mat,


Wunda-ful Swans! More Swan Tips

Swan, an exercise in Pilates that doesn’t stick to one piece of equipment. It’s the first extension exercise we meet on the mat, it prepares us for Pulling Straps and more on the reformer. It’ takes great flight on the barrels and on the Wunda chair, it knows no ends!

3/13 Online Pilates Mat Class: March Matness Single Leg Kick

PIlates Mat class online Lesley logan side bend blue

What’s this exercise for? Single Leg Kick is probably THE exercise that I get questions on!

Luckily for us, this is the 13th exercise in our order. This week feel something new in the Single Leg Kick and how it really sets you up for exercises that would otherwise be so hard to do without the wonderful strength the Single Leg Kick gives us!

See you on your Mat


Tips for Swan on the Mat

Andrea Maida and I had a request for some Swan tips in our weekly Pilates Collab. Now, I am in love with back bending. Mostly because I thought it was easy for me. What I have since discovered is how much I need to hone my strength so I didn’t just rely on my flexibility. 

My favorite ways to do the Pilates Mermaid

Alright, confession time! I pretty much hate Mermaid almost anywhere in the Pilates room. On the reformer it just feels meh, on the mat I tend to cheat or get a stretch in all the “wrong” places. On the Cadillac, the side over aka Mermaid is a massive challenge for me. But, one day I discovered some moments of love for Mermaid on the Wunda chair.