10 Incredible Things to Do While Visiting Angkor Wat and Cambodia

I cannot wait to be back in Siem Reap, Cambodia in November for my next Pilates retreat! Besides visiting Angkor Wat, the Bayon Temple, Preah Khan, and many other majestic Temples we will be doing lots of Pilates, visiting a special Pagoda (read no other tourists) and eating some of the best treats Cambodians have to offer. But, there is more to Cambodia than just the Temples.

Arches and Back Extension on the Pilates Mat

I absolutely love a good backbend! When I am in Yoga class I cannot wait until wheel pose is announced. But, it took Pilates to teach me where I should really be working on. While I was young and flexible I was totally in my lower back. And, Pilates arches aka back extension is all about getting the longest extension possible. Not dumping into the lower back. 

Why You Should Practice Pilates at Home

Have you ever been stuck at work, stuck in traffic, low on funds, had too much to do, or simply forgotten? Yeah, me either! HA! In all seriousness, Pilates works best when done multiple times a week. But, let’s be real, you’re busy, classes and teachers are not always available when you are and there are times when money for Pilates doesn’t grow on trees.

Pilates Upside Down! Tips for Your Mat Practice

It’s easy to think that going upside down in the Pilates work is all for the “advanced” practitioner! Or, that you are not ready yet. But, I feel that if you use some of the earlier Mat exercises as tools your body will not only learn how to go upside down well it will yearn for it! 

In this week’s collaboration with Andrea Maida we discuss the exercises on the mat that go upside down- Roll Up, Jackknife, Corkscrew, High Scissors/Bicycle and Control Balance.

Why is the Roll Up on the Mat so Hard in Pilates?

I’ll never forget my first Pilates class! In fact, I feel like I have talked about this class often here. But, that first Pilates Mat class really got me hooked! And, also, as I look back on it I realize just how far my own Pilates practice has come.

The first Pilates mat class I took I didn’t know that my legs shouldn’t lift off the mat when I rolled up. As you may know, most Pilates mat classes do not have mats that have straps, handles and a weighted pole for each student. In fact, most students use a Yoga mat for their Pilates practice. Which is not the same.

The Ultimate Getaway in Maui – Pilates Retreat

I am often asked, “What happens on your Pilates Retreats?” It’s not every day you hear about Pilates retreats and if you have never done Pilates it might sound like a bizarre excursion. Or, if you have done Pilates you may be wondering just how much Pilates you’ll be doing! But, there is so much more than meets the eye. My Pilates retreats in Maui and aboard are packed with movement, leisure, and good vibes.

What Piece of Pilates Equipment Should You Buy First?

My first Pilates equipment purchase was a Wunda Chair! I had been an instructor less than a year and saw an email that Gratz was selling the demo equipment at the Pilates Method Alliance conference. I hit reply so fast I was the first and I also had zero idea what price I just committed to. But, it was the best purchase of my life.