How Do You Do the Pilates Teaser Exercise?

One exercise has made it’s way to being “the” Pilates exercise of all Pilates exercises and that is the Teaser. It’s the exercise used often as a logo for Pilates studio’s everywhere. Hundreds, if not thousands of people take pictures of themselves doing Teasers in front of tourist attractions, sunsets, sunrises, and anywhere they can try to balance!

And, it’s photogenic-ness might be why so many Pilates lovers, practitioners, and teachers think it’s the “peak” exercise in the Pilates practice. I disagree. I am not sure there is such a thing as a “peak” exercise in the Pilates method. But, I do think the Teaser tells us a lot about our bodies and our practice on that particular day.

In fact, when you take classes with me online or sessions with me in person or online I use the Teaser to tell me what we need to work on more. What is still tight, what is too loose, what is the body needing more of? So, instead of thinking this is the end all be all exercise in Pilates I use it as my guide to where I need myself or my client to go around the Pilates studio.

I know, it’s not as satisfying to use Teaser as a guide. That it is more fun to think “I nailed it” then it is to think, “Hmmm, I need to go and do blah blah blah.” But, that’s truly what a Pilates practice is for.  As you know if you have ready any of my blogs or taken any of my classes that I do not believe that you can be “perfect” at a Pilates exercise. It’s a practice, not a perfect.

So, how do you do the Teaser?

Aside from very carefully …haha just kidding! Teaser, like all of the method, is a layering process. There are so many Pilates exercises that help get you to do the Teaser.

I love for my clients to practice the Roll Up, Rolling like a ball,  Double Leg Stretch, magic Teaser, Teaser on the Cadillac way before we even talk about Teaser. But, there are also a ton of other exercises in the studio I may use depending on the client’s goals and needs. Your journey to Teaser may look a little different.

My colleague Arlene Salomon of Bodywork and Pilates led our Maui retreaters through a 2-hour progression on the Teaser. She took our guests from some very basic Pilates exercises all the way through some of the toughest Teasers in the Pilates studio. If you’re wanting to tackle your Teaser head on it’s a workshop that is for you!

You can watch the Teaser Progression workshop here.  And then take what you learned and see how your personal Teaser progresses. I would love to hear what your favorite way to get to the Teaser is. And, also what your favorite Teaser is. Mine is on the Wunda chair! You can see me do it in the workshop with Arlene. 

Like all Pilates exercises, there is more than one way to think about the Teaser. But, keep in mind the Teaser is just like every other Pilates exercise. Amazing, strong, hard and challenging!



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