How to Work on the Exercises You Hate

While I love Pilates I have a long (and on some days longer) list of Pilates exercises I despise! I am sure you’ve been in a class, session or working on your own and wish you could skip an exercise or two. Maybe you leave to go to the bathroom or get water at just the “right” time?

Truth is the exercises we dislike are the ones we need the most. While in business knowing your strengths and maximizing them is the best. Our bodies need to be way more well rounded. So, the exercises you don’t like are probably the ones you need the MOST!

So, how can you fall in love with an exercise you dislike? The answer is not easier said than done but I promise with a little creativity and a lot of consistency you will find the hated exercises moving closer to the list of exercises you at least like. And, who knows, maybe even a whole new list of exercises to hate will reveal themselves! HA

This week as Andrea Maida and continue our collaboration we each filmed a series of exercises we dislike and some tips to help you too! You can check out her hints here and mine here.

Let us know what exercises you hate! Comment on our Youtube channels or here on my blog!



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