Can You Do the Pilates Reformer On The Mat?

Do Reformer exercises exist on the Mat? Yes, no and maybe so! Well, actually, it’s more yes than no and a lot of similarities. Why? Because, when Joseph Pilates first created his method it was on the Mat. And, then what he noticed was that most people could not do the Mat work on their own. They needed help, strength, flexibility, awareness. So, he created the Reformer and his other apparatus to allow his students to be able to rock the Mat. 

Pilates Retreat Love, From Maui!

Pilates Retreat Love, From Maui

Aloha, I am sitting outside under some palm trees and overlooking the ocean. Yep, not a bad life right? It’s Pilates retreat Maui time as this post is due. And, I cannot get over how lucky and blessed I am to be back here in Maui and teaching some incredible Pilates lovers alongside my friend and amazing Pilates teacher Arlene Salomon of Bodywork and Pilates.

How to Put Yourself First

How busy are you? I know for me I am BUSY! I mean, sometimes I think if I had an assistant wouldn’t that be amazing. But, then I realize that my assistant can only do so much. I mean, my assistant cannot get my massages or do my workouts. Well, I guess she could but it wouldn’t help me feel strong or relaxed! And, so then I go back to just feeling overwhelmed and busy as busy can be and realizing that I need to put myself first. And, if you are anything like me then you too need to put yourself first! But, how do you do that? How do you put yourself first?

My Favorite Pilates Mat Exercise Is…

I am often asked why I love Pilates and I usually respond by asking people if they have done Pilates. Why? Well, if you have done Pilates with a passionate teacher then you probably have some love for Pilates too. And, if you haven’t then my love for Pilates will probably sound like a crazy obsession!!!

Starting or Restarting Your Pilates Practice? Here’s What I’ve Learned

Consistency is pretty much key to anything you want in life. And, that is the truth for Pilates too! But, what if you are just starting your Pilates practice? How do you even do that? What does that look like? Is there a difference between Pilates and Yoga? Or, what if you had a Pilates practice but life happened and you are wanting to pick it back up again. But, how? Whether you are a true Pilates beginner or just beginning again there are so many benefits to a Pilates practice that the first key to getting started is to start. Right where you are!