How Travel and Pilates Can Change Your Outlook

You are busy! I am busy, he and she and they are busy! It seems that the more we make things easier and quicker to get done the more we have on our plates to do. And, as deadlines loom over our heads that vacation we keep saying we are going to take continues to get pushed onto the backburner. And, then even your day to day escapes like going to the gym or cooking your own meals get shoved and you end up saying “you’ll do it tomorrow.” With life being so busy it is too easy to not do the things that our bodies and minds need which is to take time off, relax, unwind and strengthen our muscles.  Would you travel more if it was easier to plan? What about if your getaway was planned for you? Would you take more time off for your mind and body if it was affordable? 

My Favorite Pilates Exercises on the Pedi Pole

Ever walked into a Pilates studio and seen something too tall to be a coat rack? Well, then you were probably looking at a Pedi Pole! I used to skip using the Pedi Pole. And, now I love to spend a minute or five on it whenever a client is running late. The Pedi Pole may look wobbly and even like it would be one of the easier pieces of equipment but it is truly one of the hardest

Pilates Benefits for Beginners

The incredible benefits of Pilates begin the moment you start Pilates. I know, that’s a big claim but it is true. Because Pilates doesn’t just work one part of the body each workout. It works your entire body from head to toe and from mind to movement. However, while all the great gifts come from Pilates once you begin the hardest part is often getting started. Where can you find beginner Pilates? What benefits can you expect?

Morning Mini Mat Pilates Workout

What do you do for yourself in the morning? Do you go for a walk? Make coffee? Stretch out? Personally, I drink a massive glass of water, go for a run, make a smoothie and then head into the studio. I try to give myself some time to roll up, down, over and a little twist and extension to see where my body is that day.

How Do You Do the Pilates Teaser Exercise?

One exercise has made it’s way to being “the” Pilates exercise of all Pilates exercises and that is the Teaser. It’s the exercise used often as a logo for Pilates studio’s everywhere. Hundreds, if not thousands of people take pictures of themselves doing Teasers in front of tourist attractions, sunsets, sunrises, and anywhere they can try to balance!

Can You Do the Pilates Reformer On The Mat?

Do Reformer exercises exist on the Mat? Yes, no and maybe so! Well, actually, it’s more yes than no and a lot of similarities. Why? Because, when Joseph Pilates first created his method it was on the Mat. And, then what he noticed was that most people could not do the Mat work on their own. They needed help, strength, flexibility, awareness. So, he created the Reformer and his other apparatus to allow his students to be able to rock the Mat. 

Pilates Retreat Love, From Maui!

Pilates Retreat Love, From Maui

Aloha, I am sitting outside under some palm trees and overlooking the ocean. Yep, not a bad life right? It’s Pilates retreat Maui time as this post is due. And, I cannot get over how lucky and blessed I am to be back here in Maui and teaching some incredible Pilates lovers alongside my friend and amazing Pilates teacher Arlene Salomon of Bodywork and Pilates.