Pilates Mat Class Online: Adding a little Weight

When people think Pilates mat they often think all you need is your mat. And, the truth is they would be right. But, adding props can help you find something extra, connect to the exercises in a different way and teach you where you can go deeper the next time when you have no props.

This week if you have 1 or 2lb weights we will be using those to enhance our mat work. If you do not own these then don’t worry. You can still do the entire class without them.

My hope is that you’ll find a better connection to your back this week while still working your entire body. And as always class is only 30 min! So, no excuses. You can be anywhere in the world and as long as you have a place big enough to lay down you are ready to go!

Register here for this week’s class. And, stay tuned for next week’s theme!


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