The Ultimate Getaway in Maui – Pilates Retreat

I am often asked, “What happens on your Pilates Retreats?” It’s not every day you hear about Pilates retreats and if you have never done Pilates it might sound like a bizarre excursion. Or, if you have done Pilates you may be wondering just how much Pilates you’ll be doing! But, there is so much more than meets the eye. My Pilates retreats in Maui and aboard are packed with movement, leisure, and good vibes.

What Piece of Pilates Equipment Should You Buy First?

My first Pilates equipment purchase was a Wunda Chair! I had been an instructor less than a year and saw an email that Gratz was selling the demo equipment at the Pilates Method Alliance conference. I hit reply so fast I was the first and I also had zero idea what price I just committed to. But, it was the best purchase of my life. 

Why is Pilates So Expensive?

I remember when I first fell in love with Pilates I immediately purchased the unlimited class membership. While it was more money than my gym membership I did the math. I could go to one class for $25 or I could go to as many classes as I wanted for $116. And, I managed to get to those classes 3-5x a week! I felt like I was winning on the deal end.

But, what I couldn’t swallow was the cost of a Private Pilates session. Back then they were $75-$90/session. Now, most fully certified Pilates privates are between $80-$175/session. And, I know for many that can sound expensive. However, let’s take a look at the “why behind this wait what? Pilates is how much?!”

Pilates: Tailbone Pain

‘ll never forget the time I bruised my tailbone about 10 years ago. Holy moly, did everything hurt? Not just Pilates! Sitting, getting into my car, rolling over in bed. It was absolutely the worst injury I have ever had and that includes fracturing my tibial plateau. So, when I first began teaching and I had a student complain that many exercises caused her tailbone area discomfort I went on a mission to figure out how to help.

Gut Issues: The Healing Journey

Last year I told you about my stomach issues and my attempts to figure it all out. And then I even received some amazing help and if you read any of those blog posts then you know it’s been one bumpy ride. What I haven’t done in a year is share how it’s all been going. And, more importantly, answered some of your questions! Many of you have wondered exactly how I have been able to do Pilates given my stomach pains. Others, how I traveled with digestive issues. This week let’s discuss how I was able to do Pilates given the constant roller coaster of pain, bloating and discomfort.