1/ 23 Online Pilates Mat Class: Focus on the Finish

Pilates Mat Class Online Lesley Logan Pilates Side Kick

When you work on the reformer or any piece of equipment it’s easy to know when you’ve “finished” the exercise. The springs are closed and you’re back at the start position.

But, on the mat it’s all you! There is not equipment to help you “finish” just your self. And, as the movement goes on you may not want to be back in your original start position. In fact, when you’re flowing some exercises finish when the next one begins.

So, let’s focus on the finish! The final inches. That is where the work really is.

See you on your mat!

12/19 Online Pilates Mat Class: All About the Butt

Pilates Mat Class Online Lesley Logan Pilates Side Kick

When doing Pilates it’s easy to get obsessed with your core or keeping your shoulders out of your ears. But, the more connected you are to your seat the stronger your entire body will feel. Some of those notorious hip grippy exercises like Spine stretch forward teaser will become more tolerable and you may even find you enjoy them a little bit!

12/05 Online Pilates Mat Class: Head First

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The midline is an often underused area of our bodies. It’s easy to think you are squeezing your inner thighs only to find out when you get to the shoulder bridge that your knees roll out and you’re not engaging your inner thighs at all!

This week LL focuses on finding that inner thigh connection with or without a prop. She uses a magic circle. You can use one if you have one or a squishy ball or yoga block will work as well. If you don’t have any props you won’t need them. Your imagination and attention to detail will wake up your inner thighs as well.

11/21 Online Pilates Mat Class: Oppositions

PIlates Mat class online Lesley logan side bend blue

In this week’s class, LL wants you to feel your body go in two different directions. Normally in life, we prefer not to be pulled all over the place but in this case, on your Pilates mat, you will love how this tug of war feels inside your body. Plus, connecting your body to Pilates and your mind on your mat will allow the outside world to disappear. So, what are you waiting for? Put those people vying for your attention on hold. Snag some floor space and enjoy the work of Pilates in your body.