9/19 Online Pilates Mat Class: Oppositions

Pilates Mat Class Online Lesley Logan

In this week’s class, LL wants you to feel your body go in two different directions. Normally in life, we prefer not to be pulled all over the place but in this case, on your Pilates mat, you will love how this tug of war feels inside your body. Plus, connecting your body to Pilates and your mind on your mat will allow the outside world to disappear. So, what are you waiting for? Put those people vying for your attention on hold. Snag some floor space and enjoy the work of Pilates in your body.

9/5 Online Pilates Mat Class: Focus On Control

Online Pilates Mat class Lesley Logan Roll Over

Whenever LL hears that Pilates is easy or that an exercise isn’t hard she knows that there is zero control happening. The body is moving but it’s basically just doing the choreography. When you are doing Pilates with control and a bit of focus on precision every exercise works the whole body.

8/22 Online Pilates Mat Class: Rocking and Rolling

Online Pilates Mat Class Lesley Logan Seal

It’s easy to think that Rolling like a ball is just a back massage. Or that Seal is weird and don’t even try open leg rocker. But…. there is so much good stuff happening in these rolling exercises. And even if you think your tailbone will hate it trust LL if you’re doing it right you will not be perching on your coccyx.

8/15 Online Pilates Mat Class: Connecting to Your Mat

Online Pilates Mat Class with Lesley Logan 2

Join Lesley Logan for a 30 min Pilates mat class designed for you to do anywhere you can lay down! Seriously, Pilates was designed on the mat first. Sometimes we can’t get to a studio, can’t leave the house, office or we are off traveling. Lesley’s mat class is perfect for your 30 min window dedicated to all things you. Turn your notifications off and lay out your mat (or even a towel) and get connected to your mat.