9/19 Online Pilates Mat Class: Oppositions

In this week’s class, LL wants you to feel your body go in two different directions. Normally in life, we prefer not to be pulled all over the place but in this case, on your Pilates mat, you will love how this tug of war feels inside your body. Plus, connecting your body to Pilates and your mind on your mat will allow the outside world to disappear. So, what are you waiting for? Put those people vying for your attention on hold. Snag some floor space and enjoy the work of Pilates in your body.

All Mat classes are 30 min long. They are all levels but this one will feel like an intermediate flow. If any questions feel free to contact me here. Otherwise, see you in class!

Equipment needed: Mat

Class date & start time: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 2:00pm PST (check your timezone)

Prefer a private option? LL offers Skype and Facetime sessions. You can book yours by emailing LL here.

***Registrants will have exactly 48 hours from the time the class starts to view this video, and then it will no longer be available. If you have paid for this content, please add this class to your calendar, bookmark this link and return to this page at the time class begins to view it, as there are no reminder emails sent and no refunds issued for classes missed. By paying for access to this class you agree to these terms. If 48 hours after the start time has already passed, please find the next available class here and do not register for this class.***

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