My Favorite Pilates Exercise on the Spine Corrector

I used to think the Spine Corrector was such an odd piece of equipment. And, I have to admit I used to avoid using it. Well, maybe avoid is a strong word. But, it took me a while to realize the power and beauty in the Spine Corrector. This piece of Pilates equipment, like most Pilates equipment, is more than meets the eye. 

My Favorite Pilates Exercises on the Pedi Pole

Ever walked into a Pilates studio and seen something too tall to be a coat rack? Well, then you were probably looking at a Pedi Pole! I used to skip using the Pedi Pole. And, now I love to spend a minute or five on it whenever a client is running late. The Pedi Pole may look wobbly and even like it would be one of the easier pieces of equipment but it is truly one of the hardest

My Favorite Pilates Mat Exercise Is…

I am often asked why I love Pilates and I usually respond by asking people if they have done Pilates. Why? Well, if you have done Pilates with a passionate teacher then you probably have some love for Pilates too. And, if you haven’t then my love for Pilates will probably sound like a crazy obsession!!!

Why You Should Take Advantage of Twists in Pilates

I used to LOVE when the Criss Cross came up in my Mat Pilates practice! I would do extra reps if I could. But, then when the Saw would arrive I couldn’t wait for it to be over. And, then Corkscrew would come up and I would fall in love with Twists again. But, I’ll never forget when I finally got Spine Twist. I absolutely LOVED it!

Arches and Back Extension on the Pilates Mat

I absolutely love a good backbend! When I am in Yoga class I cannot wait until wheel pose is announced. But, it took Pilates to teach me where I should really be working on. While I was young and flexible I was totally in my lower back. And, Pilates arches aka back extension is all about getting the longest extension possible. Not dumping into the lower back. 

Pilates Upside Down! Tips for Your Mat Practice

It’s easy to think that going upside down in the Pilates work is all for the “advanced” practitioner! Or, that you are not ready yet. But, I feel that if you use some of the earlier Mat exercises as tools your body will not only learn how to go upside down well it will yearn for it! 

In this week’s collaboration with Andrea Maida we discuss the exercises on the mat that go upside down- Roll Up, Jackknife, Corkscrew, High Scissors/Bicycle and Control Balance.

What Piece of Pilates Equipment Should You Buy First?

My first Pilates equipment purchase was a Wunda Chair! I had been an instructor less than a year and saw an email that Gratz was selling the demo equipment at the Pilates Method Alliance conference. I hit reply so fast I was the first and I also had zero idea what price I just committed to. But, it was the best purchase of my life.