Tips to Thrive in this New Normal

You miss things about your old life. You wish you things could go back to normal. Maybe you’re not able to work the way you used to. Or, you can’t go to your favorite classes, gym, restaurants? You’re itching to get out and every day seems to be a freaking roller coaster of emotions. After 8 weeks of quarantine and 10 weeks of not being in my pre-rona life, I have found that all the things I wish I had are available to me. I mean, I am not traveling which is the one thing I miss in this “new normal” but before all this happened I wished I had “time” for a lot of things. And, now I do. We all do. The key though is to embrace it. And, that might be the hardest thing outside of dealing with the virus. Here are some of my best tips for thriving during this time: