Pilates, Where Should You Be Feeling it?

One of the common misconceptions of Pilates is that its an ab workout. But, then when I say, no it’s not just an hour of ab workout and explain how thorough Pilates truly is for our body it’s easy to see why people might think it is all about the abs. I mean, if everything begins in the center and moves out how is Pilates it not an ab workout?

Book Your Dream Pilates Vacation on a Budget

I used to think that traveling was too difficult, too expensive and “not something for someone like me.” Does any of that sound familiar to you? But, then I had to take a trip, on my own to another country. I had to plan it out, go all the way to Brazil (a whole days journey). It was the best thing I ever had to do for myself and it was entirely out of my budget but when I got home and realized I hadn’t broken the bank and a two-week vacation was absolutely necessary I made a point to find ways to travel more and to help others travel too! Thus, my Pilates Retreats were born. 

My Favorite Pilates Exercise on the Spine Corrector

I used to think the Spine Corrector was such an odd piece of equipment. And, I have to admit I used to avoid using it. Well, maybe avoid is a strong word. But, it took me a while to realize the power and beauty in the Spine Corrector. This piece of Pilates equipment, like most Pilates equipment, is more than meets the eye. 

My Favorite Pilates Exercises on the Pedi Pole

Ever walked into a Pilates studio and seen something too tall to be a coat rack? Well, then you were probably looking at a Pedi Pole! I used to skip using the Pedi Pole. And, now I love to spend a minute or five on it whenever a client is running late. The Pedi Pole may look wobbly and even like it would be one of the easier pieces of equipment but it is truly one of the hardest

Pilates Benefits for Beginners

The incredible benefits of Pilates begin the moment you start Pilates. I know, that’s a big claim but it is true. Because Pilates doesn’t just work one part of the body each workout. It works your entire body from head to toe and from mind to movement. However, while all the great gifts come from Pilates once you begin the hardest part is often getting started. Where can you find beginner Pilates? What benefits can you expect?

Can You Do the Pilates Reformer On The Mat?

Do Reformer exercises exist on the Mat? Yes, no and maybe so! Well, actually, it’s more yes than no and a lot of similarities. Why? Because, when Joseph Pilates first created his method it was on the Mat. And, then what he noticed was that most people could not do the Mat work on their own. They needed help, strength, flexibility, awareness. So, he created the Reformer and his other apparatus to allow his students to be able to rock the Mat. 

How to Put Yourself First

How busy are you? I know for me I am BUSY! I mean, sometimes I think if I had an assistant wouldn’t that be amazing. But, then I realize that my assistant can only do so much. I mean, my assistant cannot get my massages or do my workouts. Well, I guess she could but it wouldn’t help me feel strong or relaxed! And, so then I go back to just feeling overwhelmed and busy as busy can be and realizing that I need to put myself first. And, if you are anything like me then you too need to put yourself first! But, how do you do that? How do you put yourself first?