How Pilates Classes are Turning Goals Into Realities

Pilates does more than make you stand taller, look better, feel stronger and more balanced. It also can bring communities together. And one of my biggest goals in life has been to bring more Pilates lovers together. Especially during a time when people feel like they are busier than ever and less connected to others. Here’s where Pop Up Classes create connection, adventure and it’s all because of Pilates.

5 Reasons Why Mat Pilates is My Go-To Workout

It’s no secret that Mat Pilates is one of the best and toughest of all the Pilates apparatus. Yep, I think the Mat is a piece of Pilates equipment. It’s also what Joseph Pilates created first and wanted people to do every day. Until he realized just how hard it was! But, you don’t have to be an old pro to get down with the Pilates Mat. The Mat work will meet you where you are in your fitness level and Pilates practice. So, why don’t we make the Mat something you can do on a rainy day, busy day or even a sunny day on the beach?

Why is the Roll Up on the Mat so Hard in Pilates?

I’ll never forget my first Pilates class! In fact, I feel like I have talked about this class often here. But, that first Pilates Mat class really got me hooked! And, also, as I look back on it I realize just how far my own Pilates practice has come.

The first Pilates mat class I took I didn’t know that my legs shouldn’t lift off the mat when I rolled up. As you may know, most Pilates mat classes do not have mats that have straps, handles and a weighted pole for each student. In fact, most students use a Yoga mat for their Pilates practice. Which is not the same.

6/19 Mat Class: Tree to the Rescue

So, how much do you love the Tree on the Reformer? Ok, maybe it’s just me! But, I happen to know a few people who love the Tree and all it does in Pilates. And, you’re probably wondering why I am even talking about the Tree here in my online mat classes. Well, last week I was quite inspired by the Tree after one of my Skype clients found her inner acrobat. And, afterwards a whole discussion on Instagram happend about all the amazing gifts the Tree gives us. And, while, yes it happens on the Reformer or the Ladder Barrel mostly I decided to bring the Tree to our Mat practice this week.

And, what I hope you’ll find is that the Tree not only spices up our mat work it also helps us dive a little deeper into some exercises or saves us in others! I hope you find a little love for the Tree this week!

3/27 Online Pilates Mat Class: March Matness Boomerang Your Mat

The Boomerang! Not just any mat exercise. But, almost every mat exercise!

I used to just say Boomerang was a rolling Teaser. But, as I made this class the truth is it’s more than that. It’s the rollover, it’s the seal, it’s the double leg kick arms, it’s inner thighs of spine twist and so many more.

Boomerang is often skipped in a mat class because it has so many moving parts, so this week’s class gives it the spotlight it truly deserves… Have fun thinking about the Boomerang for a full 30 min!

See you on your mat,


1/23 Online Pilates Mat Class: Focus on the Finish

Pilates Mat Class Online Lesley Logan Pilates Side Kick

When you work on the reformer or any piece of equipment it’s easy to know when you’ve “finished” the exercise. The springs are closed and you’re back at the start position.

But, on the mat it’s all you! There is not equipment to help you “finish” just your self. And, as the movement goes on you may not want to be back in your original start position. In fact, when you’re flowing some exercises finish when the next one begins.

So, let’s focus on the finish! The final inches. That is where the work really is.

See you on your mat!