7/10 Mat Class: Magic Circle on the Mat

Pilates Magic circle online mat class

Are you ready for a little magic? I know I am! It has been HOT here and so motivating to workout is not the easiest thing. But, thankfully, the mat can be done in 30 min or less. And this week’s class is no different!

This week, I’ve brought in the Magic Circle. But, you don’t have to have one to still get your Pilates and sweat on! If you have a ball or block grab it and if you have none then I’ve got some tips for you too.

Hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you next week where we see just what we can do when we “pull” a little more!


7/3 Pilates Mat Class: Just Roll Up With It!

Last week I wrote a blog about the difficulty of the Roll Up! And, I heard from so many readers about how much they love and loathe the Roll Up.

And, I have to say that after 13 years of Rolling Ups I love them and also know how important they are to our whole practice.

So, if you loathe them don’t skip this week! This week, let’s find something to enjoy about them and you’ll also learn some replacement exercises for those days or weeks or even years where the Roll Up isn’t your favorite.

See you on your mat!


6/26 Mat Class: Standing On Your Shoulders

Ever see some of the Pilates Mat exercises and think that they are too advanced for you? Jackknife, High Scissors/Bicycle, Control Balance and Corkscrew all require us to go upside down! But, how do you do that and not feel compression in your lower back? Or, how do you lift your whole body up and not rest in your neck?

Well, this week we take a look at what it really means to stand on our shoulders! I loved playing with this week’s class and not only did I feel more lift I also got a ton of stretch. It’s so easy to make exercises look right. But, if we focus on anchoring aka standing on our shoulders we can actually do them right!

Have fun standing on your shoulders this week!


6/19 Mat Class: Tree to the Rescue

So, how much do you love the Tree on the Reformer? Ok, maybe it’s just me! But, I happen to know a few people who love the Tree and all it does in Pilates. And, you’re probably wondering why I am even talking about the Tree here in my online mat classes. Well, last week I was quite inspired by the Tree after one of my Skype clients found her inner acrobat. And, afterwards a whole discussion on Instagram happend about all the amazing gifts the Tree gives us. And, while, yes it happens on the Reformer or the Ladder Barrel mostly I decided to bring the Tree to our Mat practice this week.

And, what I hope you’ll find is that the Tree not only spices up our mat work it also helps us dive a little deeper into some exercises or saves us in others! I hope you find a little love for the Tree this week!

6/12 Mat Class: Stomach Massage & Tendon Stretch

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard “I hate Stomach Massage” or “Why do we do this?” And then, there is lots of love for Tendon Stretch until we take a leg off… In this week’s mat class we channel our Stomach Massage in many of our Mat exercises. I hope that by the end you at least like a little bit what the Stomach Massage does to help your Mat practice. And, to make it a little fun we rock out with our Tendon Stretch! I know you’ll have fun with it! I really did.

6/5 Mat Class: Shoulder Bridge A Little More

When you lift one foot off even one inch does your whole bridge fall down? I know mine has been struggling for almost 10 years… until now! After hearing from you last week I found many of us struggle to not fall out of our bridge when we lift a leg. And, it’s not only frustrating but it disconnects us from our center and the exercise.

5/15 Mat Class: Connecting Pilates Exercises

Lesley Logan Online Pilates Mat Classes Single Leg Circle

Sometimes we are all about the Mat! And, well, these are mat classes so it’s pretty hard not to be all about the mat work. But, the rest of the Pilates method was designed to support us when we are on the mat. So, this week, while we mat out we will be gaining strength and inspiration from Pilates exercises typically done on the other pieces of equipment!

5/8 Mat Class: Exploring Extension

Lesley Logan Online Pilates Mat Classes Rocking

By request, we are starting an exploration of extension. This will be one of many that we do. This week, we explore what it means to find length in the spine without doing massive backbends. I used to think that extension could only exist if my feet were touching my head. But, after lots of studying in my own body, I have found that the more I allow the extension to stay away from my lower back and work its way up my spine the more strength I feel in my body. In this week’s class enjoy the mini extension exploration. And, take it a few times because the thing about relearning extension is the more you do it the more your body remembers!