3/27 Online Pilates Mat Class: March Matness Boomerang Your Mat

The Boomerang! Not just any mat exercise. But, almost every mat exercise!

I used to just say Boomerang was a rolling Teaser. But, as I made this class the truth is it’s more than that. It’s the rollover, it’s the seal, it’s the double leg kick arms, it’s inner thighs of spine twist and so many more.

Boomerang is often skipped in a mat class because it has so many moving parts, so this week’s class gives it the spotlight it truly deserves… Have fun thinking about the Boomerang for a full 30 min!

See you on your mat,


3/13 Online Pilates Mat Class: March Matness Single Leg Kick

PIlates Mat class online Lesley logan side bend blue

What’s this exercise for? Single Leg Kick is probably THE exercise that I get questions on!

Luckily for us, this is the 13th exercise in our order. This week feel something new in the Single Leg Kick and how it really sets you up for exercises that would otherwise be so hard to do without the wonderful strength the Single Leg Kick gives us!

See you on your Mat


2/27 Online Pilates Mat Class: Leg Pull Play

What’s the deal with leg pull’s? You know those two exercises towards the end of the mat that we tend to skip? They look and feel like push-ups or reverse push-ups. But, they are so much more than meets the eye.

In fact, when ever I do them I feel way more going on in my body than I ever do with a push-up. This week, we will use our entire mat to prepare us for these two Pilates gems.

See you on your mat!

2/20 Online Pilates Mat Class: Side Body Strength

Online Pilates Mat Class with Lesley Logan 2

In our mat work we pay a lot of attention to flexion and extension. And, we often forget the side work. Sure, the twists do touch our sides and there is the amazing side kicks. But, how can we use all the other exercises to really rock our side bodies and strengthen us from side to side as much as head to toe?

Find out this week when we meet up for a side body adventure on our mats!

2/13 Online Pilates Mat Class: Finding Your Reach

PIlates Mat class online Lesley logan side bend blue

It’s a common cue in any Pilates class and exercise for a teacher to ask you to “find your length” or, reach in two directions. But, you are also supposed to keep everything connected at the same time.

In this week’s mat pilates class we will explore finding the length in our bodies but without letting it all hang out!

Can’t wait to hear how this feels for you!

See you on your mat!.

2/6 Online Pilates Mat Class: Contain Your Core

Online Pilates Mat Class Lesley Logan Seal

In my personal Pilates practice, I’ve been noticing that while I can connect to my second seat quite well. I have been leaving my lower core hanging out! It’s so funny how our bodies like to “forget” something we already worked on ages ago. But, needless to say, I’ve been cheating a bit.

So, this past week I have been focusing on containing myself (which is quite opposite for how I like to live my life). In this week’s Pilates mat class we will focus on containing our core and what that means especially for when we are facing gravity.

Are you ready for your 30 min core containment? Register here for this week’s class.

See you on your Mat!

1/23 Online Pilates Mat Class: Focus on the Finish

Pilates Mat Class Online Lesley Logan Pilates Side Kick

When you work on the reformer or any piece of equipment it’s easy to know when you’ve “finished” the exercise. The springs are closed and you’re back at the start position.

But, on the mat it’s all you! There is not equipment to help you “finish” just your self. And, as the movement goes on you may not want to be back in your original start position. In fact, when you’re flowing some exercises finish when the next one begins.

So, let’s focus on the finish! The final inches. That is where the work really is.

See you on your mat!