Find Your Pilates People

Now more than ever it’s easy to feel alone. Isn’t that crazy? We are more connected than ever to our friends, family, our friends’ friends, and random people from around the world who have the same interests as we do. And yet, we feel alone and like we could be embarrassed or more alone if we say the wrong thing or do something uncool. 

Why Disconnecting from Your Routine is the Best Way to Connect to You

It’s easy to think that you’re too busy, it’s too expensive or that you need friends to travel. I used to think that you had to plan super far out to travel, that it cost a lot of money and that I would need someone to go with me. And then, I went on a trip to Brazil alone. It wasn’t supposed to be that way but I am so happy that happened because it opened my eyes to taking trips no matter how far, how busy or if I would be alone. It’s incredibly important to get out of our routine, to disconnect so that you can reconnect to who you are and where you want to be going.

Starting or Restarting Your Pilates Practice? Here’s What I’ve Learned

Consistency is pretty much key to anything you want in life. And, that is the truth for Pilates too! But, what if you are just starting your Pilates practice? How do you even do that? What does that look like? Is there a difference between Pilates and Yoga? Or, what if you had a Pilates practice but life happened and you are wanting to pick it back up again. But, how? Whether you are a true Pilates beginner or just beginning again there are so many benefits to a Pilates practice that the first key to getting started is to start. Right where you are!

Why You Should Practice Pilates at Home

Have you ever been stuck at work, stuck in traffic, low on funds, had too much to do, or simply forgotten? Yeah, me either! HA! In all seriousness, Pilates works best when done multiple times a week. But, let’s be real, you’re busy, classes and teachers are not always available when you are and there are times when money for Pilates doesn’t grow on trees.

Pilates: Tailbone Pain

‘ll never forget the time I bruised my tailbone about 10 years ago. Holy moly, did everything hurt? Not just Pilates! Sitting, getting into my car, rolling over in bed. It was absolutely the worst injury I have ever had and that includes fracturing my tibial plateau. So, when I first began teaching and I had a student complain that many exercises caused her tailbone area discomfort I went on a mission to figure out how to help.

5 Steps to Setting Your Personal Pilates Goals


You’ve got goals! You have fitness goals that maybe you set a new years resolution or maybe an event is coming up and you just want to look or feel a certain way. Or, maybe you just want to start taking time for yourself. Perhaps you want to start putting your overall health first! All of these reasons are good and valid. And, your Pilates instructor while not a magician is someone you can articulate how you want to look and feel. The beauty of finding a Pilates instructor that is right for you is that they become your partner in crime. They become accountability and help you reach your personal health goals.

Types of Pilates Classes: Explore Your Options!


Those of you who know my Pilates story have already heard that my first years of Pilates were only mat Pilates classes. I rearranged my entire work schedule so I could take class five days a week! I was obsessed with getting in my Pilates workout. I had no idea what other types of Pilates classes were out there and this was pre-working out online.