Pilates Rolling Like a Ball with a little Magic!

After three weeks of rolling around, I couldn’t stop thinking about rolling exercises. So, as Andrea Maida and I leave three weeks of rolling exercises for three weeks of Magic Circle I had to show off my three favorite ways to add Magic to the Pilates mat exercise Rolling Like a Ball. 

Wunda-ful Swans! More Swan Tips

Swan, an exercise in Pilates that doesn’t stick to one piece of equipment. It’s the first extension exercise we meet on the mat, it prepares us for Pulling Straps and more on the reformer. It’ takes great flight on the barrels and on the Wunda chair, it knows no ends!

Tips for Pilates Rowing 1 and 2

rowing 1 and 2 More tips blog post

And we have finally got to the beginning of the Pilates rowing series! The two most complicated to coordinate and the most strengthening. There are so many other Pilates exercises living in these two Rowing exercises.

First, you have “Into the Sternum” and then you have “Flatback” or sometimes called “90 degree’s.” If you are rocking your roll-ups, tendon stretch, chest expansion, pull straps, neck pull and boomerang (to name a few) you will love these.