5/8 Mat Class: Exploring Extension

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By request, we are starting an exploration of extension. This will be one of many that we do. This week, we explore what it means to find length in the spine without doing massive backbends. I used to think that extension could only exist if my feet were touching my head. But, after lots of studying in my own body, I have found that the more I allow the extension to stay away from my lower back and work its way up my spine the more strength I feel in my body. In this week’s class enjoy the mini extension exploration. And, take it a few times because the thing about relearning extension is the more you do it the more your body remembers!

Best Online Pilates Classes: I’m Here for You!

One of the things I struggle with is not making the time to do my Pilates workouts but having the time before and after the class. I’ve got the hour to do my Pilates practice. But, somedays the time to get to class, find a parking spot and then the time after to change and get where I am going is simply a luxury. 

Types of Pilates Classes: Explore Your Options!


Those of you who know my Pilates story have already heard that my first years of Pilates were only mat Pilates classes. I rearranged my entire work schedule so I could take class five days a week! I was obsessed with getting in my Pilates workout. I had no idea what other types of Pilates classes were out there and this was pre-working out online.

Online Mat Pilates Class: Contain that Core!

Contain your core mat class

In my personal Pilates practice, I’ve been noticing that while I can connect to my second seat quite well. I have been leaving my lower core hanging out! It’s so funny how our bodies like to “forget” something we already worked on ages ago. But, needless to say, I’ve been cheating a bit.

How to Know If You’re Doing Pilates Right


Pilates is a unique balance of strength, stretch, reach, contract and flow.  Pilates exercises are easy to make look “right.” I like to think its because Pilates is designed to make everything you are already doing in life better. So, the moves are not crazy (well ok some look bit crazy) they are natural movements our bodies should be able to do.

10/10 Online Pilates Mat Class: Inner Thigh Connection

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Join Lesley Logan for a 30 min Pilates mat class designed for you to do anywhere you can lay down! Seriously, Pilates was designed on the mat first. Sometimes we can’t get to a studio, can’t leave the house, office or we are off traveling. Lesley’s mat class is perfect for your 30 min window dedicated to all things you. Turn your notifications off and lay out your mat (or even a towel) and get connected to your mat.