5 Things You Will Learn on a Pilates Retreat

On my recent flight home from teaching in Holland and London, I met a fabulous Pilates lover who asked: “what happens on a Pilates retreat?” What does one get after coming on a Pilates Retreat?  And, I was so excited to share all the things you do on a Pilates retreat and also the many things a retreater learns when coming on one of my Pilates retreats that I had to share them with you!

Your Pilates Reach on the Beach

Pilates is a method and a process that compounds in your mind and body overtime. When Joseph Pilates created his method he believed that in “10 sessions you’ll feel different, in 20 sessions you will look different and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.” People often forget that last part which says you have to do it four times a week! But, as we know practice simply makes habit. And, Pilates is more than choreography. It’s truly the ability to connect and maintain that connection as you move. So, how do you reach in Pilates?

Pilates Retreat and a Family Vacation All In One

You are in search of the perfect Pilates Retreat, it’s on your bucket list but you only have so much vacation time in a year. Your partner, kids, friends all want to go on a trip too! When push comes to shove your Pilates retreat gets pushed to next year and you are left with a little FOMO while going on a family trip. But, what if you could have a family vacation and Pilates retreat all wrapped up into one? 

6 Reasons You Should Go on a Pilates Retreat in 2019

You know you want to go on a Pilates retreat! You’ve been wanting to do more Pilates, take more time away, see the world and get some true rest, relaxation and adventure. But, you haven’t done it yet. You haven’t signed up for a Pilates retreat and you and desires are both wondering why? Well, maybe you just needed 6 more reasons to pack your back and join me on a Pilates retreat this year.

How To Do Reformer Pilates Without a Reformer

I first fell in love with Pilates on the Mat! I did Pilates almost every day for one hour for a year and a half on the Mat. I couldn’t get enough of it. And, then I discovered the Reformer. And I became OBSESSED! But, I didn’t have a Reformer and it’s not like Pilates equipment classes are affordable enough to go to like a Mat class. I wanted to find ways to get more Reformer in my life without having to go out and get a Reformer. 

What Siem Reap Pilates Retreaters Can Do in Their Spare Time

I chose Siem Reap Cambodia as one of my regular retreat havens because of its charm, Temples, and magic. It’s a place on almost everyone’s bucket list but it’s so far away that many people never get to see it. So, by curating a Pilates vacation many people have an excuse to travel halfway around the world and don’t have to plan much but their flights. And, while the week-long schedule is full there is plenty of spare time for you to choose your own adventure. 

How to Prepare for Your Pilates Retreat


Going on a Pilates retreat? Good, I’m so excited for you! If you are coming along with me on one of my Pilates Retreats we are going to have an adventure you will remember for a lifetime! Yep, I am that confident. 

But, how do you prepare for a Pilates retreat? What do you need to bring? What can you expect? Should you be training for it? I remember the first retreat I went on as an attendee. It was a yoga retreat and I knew to bring my mat and some clothes but I had so many questions about what else should I be prepared to do. I had an amazing time but had wondered how much more fun I would have had had I know what to expect.