5 Steps to Setting Your Personal Pilates Goals


You’ve got goals! You have fitness goals that maybe you set a new years resolution or maybe an event is coming up and you just want to look or feel a certain way. Or, maybe you just want to start taking time for yourself. Perhaps you want to start putting your overall health first! All of these reasons are good and valid. And, your Pilates instructor while not a magician is someone you can articulate how you want to look and feel. The beauty of finding a Pilates instructor that is right for you is that they become your partner in crime. They become accountability and help you reach your personal health goals.

Pilates: Is It a Cardio Workout?

So, here is the deal, I do feel my heart rate go up while doing Pilates. I also feel it go down and then up again. Some sessions are less intense and others can be made more intense and you can add the jump board in and totally move the dial on your heart rate. But, is Pilates a Cardio workout? Well, most of the time I would say no. And, maybe sometimes yes.

Best Online Pilates Classes: I’m Here for You!

One of the things I struggle with is not making the time to do my Pilates workouts but having the time before and after the class. I’ve got the hour to do my Pilates practice. But, somedays the time to get to class, find a parking spot and then the time after to change and get where I am going is simply a luxury. 

Types of Pilates Classes: Explore Your Options!


Those of you who know my Pilates story have already heard that my first years of Pilates were only mat Pilates classes. I rearranged my entire work schedule so I could take class five days a week! I was obsessed with getting in my Pilates workout. I had no idea what other types of Pilates classes were out there and this was pre-working out online.