Pivoting, in Life, Business and Quarantine

Looking back at my life since high school I have done many pivots. I am sure you have too! In fact, most of my pivots were fast and not planned. In 2001 I pivoted from moving to Hawaii last minute to going to college in Southern California. In 2003 I was on a 45-minute plane ride home and decided to pivot majors. In 2007 I was walking down a hallway and got the feeling I needed to pivot and move to LA. In 2009 when no evidence that being in a service-based business was a good idea I pivoted and quit my job to be a full-time Pilates teacher. And I continued a few fast pivots in the last decade. Last month I made a massive pivot not just in my business but in my life as well. And, I think that is why being in quarantine while exhausting, boring and hour by hour a different emotional feeling is also going to be the best pivot for me and for those who take the opportunity.