Sue G.

I first found Lesley a year and a half ago. When I was first looking for a Pilates instructor, I was really shopping around. I tried teachers from Marina del Rey to Hollywood and everywhere in between. When I found Lesley, I knew my search was over. I’m an actress and my intention was to use Pilates as a way tone up and change the shape of my body quickly –for headshots. Working with Lesley, my body did change quickly and I saw a huge difference in the way I photographed. But that was just the beginning. I continue to train with her, because we continue to get amazing results and most importantly, I always feel safe with Lesley. She’s so clear in her instruction, it helps me focus so I can concentrate on my breath, my abs and movement, even if we’re doing something I haven’t done yet, or working on a new piece of equipment. I can tell that she’s really paying attention not just to my overall journey with her, but also to where I am each moment. She tailors my sessions to my personal goals and though she plans in advance, is able to modify based on where I am on each particular day, to maximize my workout. Her energy is amazing and contagious! I even secretly do an extra little happy dance of joy on the days I have an audition right after my session, because I know I’m gonna bring that awesome energy with me. Working out with Lesley has not only changed the shape of my body, but the way I carry myself. When I work with her, I actually feel the changes in my body all week. Okay, last thing: Lesley’s always raising the bar-continuing her own training, finding new techniques…which is awesome to have in an instructor. Plus it’s totally inspiring. For beginners and experienced Pilates practitioners alike, Lesley is amazing!

-Sue G.

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